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About Interoil company

Interoil LLC was founded by group of investors as fuel filling complexes oriented on alternative fuel usage. The First object that was launched is called Liquified Gas Filling Station #1. As a result, this station became an experimental area. It was a first filling station in Moscow with total maximum gas capacity of 40m3. also, it was first station that was able to receive a liquefied gas from tanks, that allows to preserve its quality.

At 2003 our company launched 4 more stations in Moscow region. Three of them are multifunctional: they are providing a liquefied gas as well as gasoline. One of them, Multifunctional Filling Station #1 was a first russian filling station having a technological scheme with stationary reservoir for liquefied gas. In further years our company launched new objects, so by 2007 our network of stations in Moscow had grown up to 18 stations.

In autumn of 2011 Interoil LLC has launched a largest liquefied gas station of liquefied gas in Moscow. In 2016 our network grown up to 22 multifunctional filling stations and 4 filling stations providing liquefied gas.

Interiol LLC remains in a leadership among large oil companies due to high quality of service, strong management and clarified development strategy. High standarts are the keys of company successfull development.